Super-Durable Chomper Pet Toys


Each dog has their own set of unique talents, and some dogs just happen to have a talent for tearing apart every single toy they are given. An enthusiastic dog can be a problem when dogs naturally need a variety of toys to keep them interested, but many toys don’t hold together during such aggressive play.

Chomper offers a solution with super-durable TPR, cuddly plush, chewy rope and ballistic nylon all in one toy. Choose from an enormous selection of quality dog and cat toys, from puppy’s first plush to chews suited for the biggest dog in the park. Four lines and dozens of different styles and characters give your pet an entire menagerie to pick from. Whether Buddy wants to fetch, tug, chew, or cuddle, Chomper has something to suit any pet’s play style.

If your dog really likes to play rough, try Chomper’s Gladiator Tuff toys. The secret to their toughness is their multi-layered construction, where three layers of fabric are sewn together to produce the toys’ quilted look. Reinforced seams prevent them from being torn open and are soft on your dog’s mouth. The Gladiator line also includes combination ballistic nylon, cotton rope and spiked rubber toys for a tough and teeth-cleaning game of tug-o-war.

Playtime doesn’t have to stop at the shore! Chomper’s Wet Dog toys are composed of tough neoprene and dry quickly, making them great for pool time, bath time, the beach or the lake. They also float and are available in different seaworthy styles. Stock up early for the summer season!

We currently carry a variety of Chomper’s new 2014 Spring line toys, featuring Chomper’s beloved toys in bright new colors, including Spring Gladiator Tuff toys, perfect for sunny, active play.