Dogswell Treats Come Home

Industry News

Dogswell has discontinued treats using meat sourced from China, replacing them with treats made with chicken and duck sourced from the United States.

All Happy Hips and Vitality jerky treats are being replaced with brand new products manufactured in the USA, adding to their lines of USA treats that already include Meatballs, Veggie Chews, Squares, Grillers, Strips, Solos and Bites. The look of the bags has been updated as well. Dogswell also plans to launch their new Duets soft and chewy treats later this summer.

Increasingly, customers have grown dissatisfied with pet products coming from China and sought out better quality alternatives, leading many brands to focus on manufacturing and sourcing their products from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and South America.

Dogswell’s first priority is and always has been providing healthy, high-quality food and treats for dogs.

Discontinued items are as follows:

  • 11211 884244112114 HAPPY HIPS® Jerky Chicken 5 oz
  • 11213 884244112138 HAPPY HIPS® Jerky Duck 5 oz
  • 11511 884244115115 HAPPY HIPS® Jerky Chicken 15 oz
  • 11513 884244115139 HAPPY HIPS® Jerky Duck 15 oz
  • 11816 884244001005 HAPPY HIPS® Jerky Chicken 32 oz
  • 11813 884244118130 HAPPY HIPS® Jerky Duck 32 oz
  • 11221 884244112213 VITALITY® Jerky Chicken 5 oz
  • 11521 884244115214 VITALITY® Jerky Chicken 15 oz
  • 11821 884244118215 VITALITY® Jerky Chicken 32 oz