DreamCrates – Pet Crates That Last


Dogs are naturally denning animals and prefer to return to a safe, confined place at night. Crate-training a dog early on can prevent separation anxiety by giving your dog a place to sleep while you are out, and ensure you get the bed to yourself at night. DreamCrates make picking the right size crate easy, with a full line of crates to fit dogs of any size.

With DreamCrates dividers, you can adjust your crate’s size so it fits your dog from puppyhood to adulthood, creating a secure and comfortable environment. These crates are made from durable metal without sharp edges to snag you or your pet as they move around, and come with a rigid plastic pan liner that slides out for easy cleaning.

DreamCrates also offers comfortable crate pads sized just right to fit their signature crate line. DreamZone beds are made of machine-washable fleece and create a comfortable, cozy space for your pet to retreat to. The Quik-dry top layer is tear-resistant and repels odors.

Create a safe place for indoor and outdoor play with DreamCrates exercise pens. The folding panels make for easy storage and transportation. Let your dog experience the great outdoors without worrying for his safety. Like all DreamCrates products, the panels are made of sturdy metal, ensuring the maximum amount of use.

Dogs and cats aren’t the only ones able to enjoy DreamCrates. DreamHome small animal cages offer all the same convenience and ease of care that their dog crates do, with detachable pans, great ventilation, and a carrying handle for ease of transport. Big or small, DreamCrates aim to provide a comfortable living space for every pet