Eshopps 3rd Generation Sumps and Refugiums


Newly designed for your tank come the Ehsopps 3rd Generation sumps and refugiums. The Eshopps 3rd Generation Reef Sump is extremely quiet, even virtually silent during operation due to the spill-over design in the micron bag compartment. It is designed for reef tanks, and its ease of installation makes it perfect for both beginner and advanced hobbyists. The Eshopps Reef Sump comes in four sizes, for tanks 75 to 300 gallons.

Additionally, Eshopps offers a new generation of Refugiums. The unique and innovative Eshopps Channel Design in the 3rd Generation Refugiums features dual water channels for superior filtration. The water travels through each compartment separately for greater contact time and provides better nutrient exportation in the viewable Refugium compartment in the front. Undissolved organic waste, ammonia and nitrates are removed much more efficiently through the larger Skimmer compartment. The newest addition to the family of Refugiums is the new Eshopps Cube Nano Refugium and is ideal for small tanks from 10-35 gallons. The Cube Nano Refugium no longer limits refugium use to larger tanks and provides a market for nano tanks.

For the advanced hobbyist, the appropriately-named Advanced Series Reef Sump/Refugiums combine both processes in a single tank, with an open sump chamber large enough to house a protein skimmer, media reactor, or other equipment. This design also features the new and innovative Eshopps Channel Design. This design allows for three separate water flows once the water enters through the intake of the sump. The 1st flow will go through the Refugium Compartment and then into the return compartment. The 2nd flow will go through the Micron Bag and into the skimmer compartment and wraps around through the back of the ADV to the return compartment. Lastly, the final separate flow goes into a new 3rd compartment that features a Removable Shelf Compartment, where you can place matrix, phosguard, and even chemipure, for even more filtration.

The Refugium Compartment is large enough to grow nutrient-consuming microalgae in the viewable refugium compartment in the front, and includes a space where the hobbyist may use our Eshopps Curve Refugium Light (sold separately) to facilitate growth of Red Mangroves and/or chaeto. The foam block between the sump and refugium compartments baffles water flow, blocks air bubbles, and traps debris for cleaner water to be cycled back into the tank. The Advanced series comes in three sizes for tanks from 100 to 300 gallons.