Grandma Lucy’s VALOR – Quinoa Based Freeze-Dried Dog Food


Grandma Lucy’s VALOR is a brand new freeze-dried dog food containing quinoa, a celebrated “superfood” known for its high protein and nutrient-richness. Quinoa has double the fiber found in most grains and roughly 50% more protein. Not only that, but quinoa is a seed rather than a grain, and the plant itself is closely related to spinach and beets, so it may not bother dogs with grain sensitivities. VALOR comes in chicken, fish, and turkey varieties. Your super dog deserves a superfood!

All of Grandma Lucy’s foods are hand-crafted in small batches to ensure the best quality, freshest food.  Grandma Lucy’s uses freeze-drying rather than dehydration because freeze-drying is known to preserve the nutrition and quality of raw food better, and leaves more of the enzymes in the food “alive” and able to catalyze chemical reactions. Just add hot water, and your pet’s meal is ready to eat.

VALOR is a brand new product soon to be carried by Phillips and will be accompanying our already extensive selection of Grandma Lucy’s natural dog food and treats.