Great Holiday Pet Gifts


According to a 2015 survey conducted by Harris Poll, roughly 60% of all Americans plan to purchase gifts for their pets on the holidays. Spending on pet products takes a huge jump around that time of the year, with sales totaling $1.6 billion near the end of November, and $1.7 billion around the end of December. Toy sales rise especially dramatically, nearly doubling from $33 million to $78 million.

Most Americans consider their pet a part of the family, and a beloved family member shouldn’t be left out of the holiday season! Here are just a few examples of seasonal pet toys and treats.


Ethical Holiday Cat and Dog Stockings

With this transparent stocking there’s no mystery as to what kind of toys you’ll get. Plush, tennis, rope and rubber, and catnip toys too, there’s something every pet will enjoy. Comes in sizes from cat to large dog.


Cloud Star XXL Holiday Gingerbread Biscuits

A HUGE crunchy treat that’s a delight after a long day of playing in the snow.


Multipet Loofah Santa

The iconic Loofah dog is ready to celebrate Christmas, complete with a Santa hat and fuzzy boots.


Chomper Holiday Toys

Chomper offers a whole sack of different dog toys, made of all kinds of different materials. Plush, TPR, rope and corduroy, all in the shape of fun holiday characters.


Ethical Holiday Skinneeez

Classic stuffing-free dog toys in holiday shapes!


Fruitables Vanilla Snowflake Biscuits

Adorable little snowflake cookies for dogs of all sizes.