June is Adopt A Shelter Cat month!

Industry News

Every year, thousands of cats are abandoned or given up to animal shelters. With so many new kittens born in the spring and early summer, now is a perfect time to consider adding a cat or two to your household. Adopting two cats, especially two kittens or two cats from the same litter who are already friendly, is recommended over adopting a single cat. A pair of cats will provide entertainment and companionship for each other and double the affection for you!

Make sure to consider adopting an older cat, too. As adorable as new kittens are, they are also extremely energetic and require a lot more time spent with them to acclimate them to people, and because all cats are individuals, there is no telling what sort of personality or health issues your cat will end up with down the line. With adult cats there are far fewer surprises. Those working at the shelter will be able to help you find an adult cat that suits your lifestyle, whether you have multiple pets, children, or live alone and want a cat that doesn’t mind being the only pet.

Senior animals are a great choice for those who want a calm companion, and much of the time they are passed over in favor of younger cats and kittens. An old cat can be no less affectionate than one at any other age, but senior cats often end up spending their golden years in shelters. There is no shortage of people willing to adopt kittens, but you may be the only person who’s even considered the elderly cat who’s been there for a year.

Check petfinder.com as well as your local shelters to find cats in need of loving homes.