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Our blog is a place for us to keep our customers informed and share news about our company and the industry. We like to be involved in the community and participate in industry events and activities, while always staying on the hunt for new products that help provide our customers the latest mix on their shelves. For more information about what our company is up to, check out the posts below.

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The Best Betta Accessories

So you’ve got your Betta’s tank and essentials, now what do you furnish it with? Bettas are active, curious little fish who love to explore every inch of their home, and without interesting features, they’ll quickly get bored. Watching your Betta patrol their tank and weave in and out of their décor is one of…

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Industry News

Dogswell Treats Come Home

Dogswell has discontinued treats using meat sourced from China, replacing them with treats made with chicken and duck sourced from the United States. All Happy Hips and Vitality jerky treats are being replaced with brand new products manufactured in the USA, adding to their lines of USA treats that already include Meatballs, Veggie Chews, Squares,…

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The most current lighting from Current USA.

Current USA has reinvented the concept of freshwater aquarium lighting. The Satellite Freshwater LED+ lighting system allows more diversity in lighting than ever before, contained within a single LED strip. In the wild, fish experience a myriad of weather conditions, from bright sun to cloud cover to thunderstorms. Current USA’s new Satellite Freshwater LED+ lighting…

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