Simple Tips For Protecting Your Pet From The Heat

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Being it is a super hot summer, be sure to observe these general tips for keeping your pet safe in hot weather:

On a hot day it is crucial for a dog to have water if they are left outside for an extended period. Make sure your dog has a clean bowl of water and a shady place to rest, or better yet, fill a hard plastic kiddie pool or plastic sandbox with water so your dog can dip in to cool off.

Hot climates are especially dangerous for dogs with short muzzles, such as pugs and bulldogs, which cannot cool themselves as efficiently due to their short nasal cavities. Try to limit their outdoor time if possible.

If the ground is too hot for your feet, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws. Be wary of hot sand and asphalt when taking your dog on a walk or to the beach. There are booties available to protect your dog’s feet from hot surfaces.

Never leave your dog in the car, even parked in the shade or with the windows rolled down. In 70 degree weather a car can heat up to 118 degrees inside within 10-15 minutes. If you see a dog locked in a car in hot weather and the owner does not return within a few minutes, call the police or local security. The image of this post included very important information about heat levels in a closed car as time passes by. Even though it is a nice 70 degrees outside, your pet can not be left alone.