Purina Pro Plan – Savory Meals & Select Limited Ingredient Diets


Every pet has the potential for greatness, and Purina Pro Plan is there to help them achieve it. Pro Plan is a continually growing line optimized to meet your pet’s requirements, especially if they make a habit of going above and beyond.

Pro Plan dog food is available in four separate lines: Savor, Focus, Sport and Select, encompassing a wide range of nutritional needs.

Savor is designed with the loyal house pet in mind, with all the protein and vitamins required for a lifetime of healthy, happy companionship.

Focus is fine-tuned for dogs of specific age or size, as well as those with sensitive skin or who need to keep trim and fit.

Sport feeds the active dog, keeping them in shape and full of energy. Sport PRiME and ReFUEL bars are specialized to nourish dogs pre and post-activity to aid in muscle recovery and energy replenishment.

Select food is formulated with limited ingredients, free of grains or soy, corn and wheat, for dogs with allergies. Grain free food is growing in popularity as many pet owners look to purchase food that mimics their dog’s natural diet.

Purina has been a provider of quality animal feed since 1894 when they started with livestock and pet chow. Now they are among the most recognized pet food brands in the country, with multiple brands under their name for pets in every walk of life.