What Should You Put In Your Bio Bubble?


After glancing through the Bio Bubble website, one’s head might swim with possibilities of what sort of living thing they could put in this stylish little environment. A good variety of creatures can thrive in the compact Bio Bubble. For example…

Betta fish – The ever popular Betta is renowned for its ability to survive in environments with low oxygen and limited space. The basic aquatic Bio Bubble is roughly 3-4 gallons, a fine amount of space for a Betta. With a small heater, an aerator, and some safe silk plants, a Betta will look beautiful swimming around in the bubble.

Guppies – These small, colorful fish are popular for their fancy flag-like tails, and need at least 1 gallon of water per fish. They should be kept in groups of three, with a ratio of one male to two females. A small guppy family will enjoy the bubble very much.

Snails – Nerite snails are aquatic snails that do not reproduce when kept in fresh water, so there is no need to worry about waking up to an explosion of snail babies. Though slow, they are charming creatures to watch as they scrape the aquarium clean of algae. Two nerite snails, along with some low-light aquatic plants, will make a naturalistic and peaceful centerpiece of the bubble. The larger and more striking apple snail may also be kept, albeit on its lonesome as it grows up to 2” long.

Insects – With the mesh riser attached, the Bio Bubble becomes a perfect place to raise and study butterflies and their life cycle. Many other insects can be kept, including hissing cockroaches, stick insects, mantises and large beetles.

Tarantulas – In that vein, tarantulas will live happily in the Bio Bubble, especially with the clear riser attached to give them lots of digging and climbing space. Tarantulas are beautiful, gentle spiders, greatly misunderstood by many of those outside of the hobby.

Plants – The Bio Bubble Terra is an excellent environment for all sorts of plants, from cacti to bonsai trees to Venus fly traps. Its removable mesh and plastic screens ensure you can keep the humidity perfect for whatever sort of plant you choose to raise. It also makes a great herb garden.

Many other species can be kept in the Bio Bubble, but be sure to properly research their needs. A pet that fits nicely in the bubble now may soon outgrow it, and some may have greater spatial needs than their small size suggests. Always be sure to choose the right environment if you want your pet to live a long and happy life.


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