Why Your Pet Shop Should Join The Social Crowd

Industry News

250 million people use Facebook. 255 million people use Twitter monthly. 300 million people visited Tumblr when Yahoo bought it in 2013. Social media is everywhere all the time. People use social media on their home computers, on their tablets and on their cell phones. If you run a small business and do not use some form of social media, you should seriously consider taking the plunge. It could be a Facebook page, a Twitter stream, a Tumblr account or another base on another social media platform. Building a social media presence can bring your business attention and customers that it would otherwise miss out on.

A well-made and maintained social media presence can transform a business from an anonymous shop to a beloved part of the community. The way you build that relationship is up to you, and limited only by your imagination. It can be something as simple and considerate as announcements about when you’ll be closed for inclement weather and holidays on your business’ Facebook page. It can be something as elaborate and exciting as a one day 10% off deal for everyone who brings in the code you tweeted the night before. It could be something as personal as a weekly column about raising your dog on Tumblr. Social media is a quick, powerful tool for building a lasting relationship with your customers, one that is well worth adding to your business’ stable.