The Best Betta Accessories

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So you’ve got your Betta’s tank and essentials, now what do you furnish it with? Bettas are active, curious little fish who love to explore every inch of their home, and without interesting features, they’ll quickly get bored. Watching your Betta patrol their tank and weave in and out of their décor is one of the best parts of being a Betta owner.

So what makes a good Betta decoration? Many Betta fish have long, flowing fins that are extremely delicate. Proper Betta decorations should not have any hard or sharp edges that can tear their fins. Silk plants, such as the Deep Blue Betta Plant line, are perfect for Bettas, whose natural environments are heavily planted. Having lots of silk or real plants makes a Betta feel secure and safe, and they enjoy resting on top of the broad leaves.


Small Pennywort, Small Ruby Platonia, and Small Dracaena

Deep Blue Betta plants come in two sizes to furnish both a foreground and background for your tank.

Also popular for Bettas is the Deep Blue Betta Bunk: soft plastic leaves that can be suction-cupped to the side of your Betta’s tank to provide a resting place. Heavy-finned Bettas appreciate a place they can stop and rest by the surface and get a breath of air. Bettas have a special labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe air in oxygen-poor water, and in fact need easy access to the surface in order to live.


The ZooMed Floating Betta Log is also a great accessory for a Betta. It not only provides a floating place to rest, but it can be used to blow a bubble nest, and like all decorations, gives your Betta a place to peer out from and survey their territory. ZooMed also makes a sunken log, so your fish can have lookouts both above and below.


  Lighting a small tank can prove challenging, and Bettas need a day/night cycle just as other animals do. Deep Blue also makes a line of Micro SolarFlare lamps which can suction to the side of the tank, and come in several different colors, including Daylight, Blue, Red, and Blacklight.


Finally, if you just want your tank to look cool, there’s the Blue Ribbon Miniature Skull ornament. At only 2” tall, it fits perfectly in smaller tanks.