The Elive AquaDuo Brings Aquaponics Into Your Home


New from Elive comes the AquaDuo filter and AquaDuo tank kits. In the wild, plants are part of the filtration system of lakes, ponds and rivers, keeping water clean and oxygenated enough for fish to thrive in. The AquaDuo operates upon the process of aquaponics, in which fish waste fertilizes plants and the plants purify the water in turn by removing nitrates and ammonia. A semi-aquatic plant such as a peace lily or lucky bamboo can be planted in the filter with the hydrocorn filter media, or the regular carbon filter pad can be used. Like other types of filter media, the hydrocorn will harbor beneficial bacteria that work in tandem with the plant to keep your water clean. This natural method of filtration results in cleaner water, healthier fish, and fewer water changes for the fishkeeper as the plant keeps toxic ammonia and nitrate levels down. The plant also outcompetes algae for food, ensuring the glass and décor will stay pristine.

The AquaDuo features two options for water output: A waterfall for extra aeration, or a water-level output for quieter operation. The telescoping bottom means the AquaDuo can be used for tanks of different heights. While AquaDuo filters may be used in any tank, Elive has a series of kits available that come with the AquaDuo: The 3 gallon half-circle, 10 gallon tank, and 20 gallon tank. All kits come with hidden integrated LED lighting, filter, filter media, and setup guide. The 10 and 20 gallon kits also include a thermometer, fish net, food and water conditioner.

As always, be sure to research your fish’s individual needs in terms of space and filtration, so that you can choose the best occupants for your AquaDuo tank.