The most current lighting from Current USA.


Current USA has reinvented the concept of freshwater aquarium lighting. The Satellite Freshwater LED+ lighting system allows more diversity in lighting than ever before, contained within a single LED strip.

In the wild, fish experience a myriad of weather conditions, from bright sun to cloud cover to thunderstorms. Current USA’s new Satellite Freshwater LED+ lighting system allows the fishkeeper to emulate these light patterns, making the tank an atmospheric centerpiece. The Satellite system is ideal for both beginner fishkeepers and experts looking to change up the look of their established tank.

The super bright 6500K White LEDs are paired with full-spectrum RGB LEDs to offer virtually any color desired, for almost any size tank. The Satellite LED comes in four sizes from 18” to 60” in order to fit a variety of aquarium sizes, sliding easily and snapping together to allow use of multiple lighting fixtures at once. The low-wattage, super-safe LED lights blend their hues smoothly together, and if you desire a change from your couch, the entire system is easily controlled with the 32-key remote. Combinations can even be saved with the memory keys. Make your aquarium more spectacular than ever with the Satellite LED+ system highlighting your tank at its very best.