Welcome To Our New Website!

Phillips News

Welcome to our brand new corporate website! Yes, we agree this was quite needed. Over the last year, it became apparent that our website was outdated and under serving you, our customers. Think about it – new devices are constantly being released and with each release we have to accommodate new screen sizes, resolutions and technologies. Let’s face it – our website has not been updated at the same rate. In order for us to provide you the best experience, we had to adapt to this changing landscape. We made some updates and before we knew it, the entire website was re-designed and re-platformed.

So what did we change?

We decided to enlist 401! Creative, a super slick web design firm located in the Lehigh Valley, to develop a responsive website for the Phillips Pet Food and Supplies corporate site. “Responsive?” you ask. A responsive design changes the layout of a website based on the specific screen size and resolution. This makes viewing and browsing our website 100% optimal on any device. No more will you have to view our website only on a desktop monitor for the best display or squint and zoom in on your smartphone.

Our new website now has a dynamic “what’s new?” section that will feature a lot of information on new products, vendors, trade show news and marketing tips to help you help your customers. We previously had a “what’s new?” section but it was not user friendly. Now our news will come to you in nicely formatted posts and categories. This new layout and post categorization will make for navigating and reading a breeze. We will even update you more frequently (like with this post here!).

We added an interactive territory map. When you click on the various regions of this map, the sales reps and territory managers for that particular region will show up directly under the map. Lose your reps e-mail address? No need to fear. Just look up your region on the map, find your rep and his/her contact information is all there!

The site was also built with a lot of fun and interactive features such as the theme picker. The theme picker allows you to change the hero images on the site as you browse. The different themes you can choose from range from dog to cat to fish to horse. Phillips will now look like your favorite animal. How about that?

Other things like career opportunities, vendors and new customer registration have all been brought back with much better navigation and readability. We are confident you will love the changes but don’t take our word for it, feel free to browse for yourself!