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Our blog is a place for us to keep our customers informed and share news about our company and the industry. We like to be involved in the community and participate in industry events and activities, while always staying on the hunt for new products that help provide our customers the latest mix on their shelves. For more information about what our company is up to, check out the posts below.

Toppers Are on the Rise

Meal toppers are ascending in the pet food category. Think of them like parmesan sprinkled on your spaghetti or granola mixed in your yogurt. These enhancers increase foods’ palatability with extra flavor and texture. Meal toppers also can add valuable nutrients to a...

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Supporting Vitality in Senior Pets

We love our furry friends and acknowledging that they are growing older is easy to push aside. But pet parents who meet the needs of senior pets with regular veterinary care and senior food, supplements and specialized supplies can help their dogs and cats increase...

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Going Green with Cat Litter

There’s an emerging trend inside cat boxes. Environmentally friendly cat litter sales are increasing, as cat owners seek natural litter options that offer less mess, easy disposal, good fluid absorption and odor control. The cat litter category, in general, is growing...

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Fish Food Primer

Most pet specialty stores carry flake, granulated and pellet food for goldfish, bettas and tropical fish. By expanding fish food to include frozen food and specialized reef food and supplements, pet retailers can stand out from their competition and become a shopping...

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New Pet Tips & Checklist

A new pet brings a lot of changes to a home, whether a dog or cat is a well-researched family addition or a loving impulse at an adoption event. Here are a few tips and a new pet checklist that can help ease the transition of bringing a new pet safely and lovingly...

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